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  • Becky Luman, Healthy Tweaks

    Becky Luman

    Like an earthworm, Becky focuses on creating good soils in which our environmental community can thrive. Healthy Tweaks is part of that initiative; contact her if you want to be part of the leadership teams in Houston.
  • Carol Burton

    Like summer tomatoes, this team of educators can transform your schoolyard into a bountiful, diverse, outdoor learning space. In addition to farmers markets, they offer workshops and online gardening classes.
  • Janice Brown

    Like a ladybug, Janice knows how to build a garden! Contact her for workshops, 1:1 coaching and assistance in making your garden grow.
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    Urban Harvest School Gardening Guide

    Free Digital Download of the Urban Harvest School Garden Guide for Educators and Families on easy to grow fruits and vegetables.
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