Gardening for Wildlife

Overview Pocket prairies. Butterfly gardens. Planter pots with a spot of color. Anyone can help pollinators by planting natives in their schoolyard. Let the children scatter the seeds, pick and dissect flowers in the Spring, harvest seed heads for the next generation, listen to the grasses sway, journal about what […]


Overview Every state in the United States provides electricity to its residents. Obviously, electricity is a modern necessity that every household needs in order to survive. But, some states produce more electricity than others. Texas is one of those States. Texas produces a lot of electricity. How much? Texas produces […]

Local Resources

Don’t know which watershed you live in? You can search by address on the Galveston Bay Report Card’s Find Your Watershed tool (regional map) or the Texas Watershed Viewer from Texas Parks and Wildlife (state map). These maps from Bayou Preservation Association show the 22 bayou systems and waterways in the greater Houston […]