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  • Becky Luman, Healthy Tweaks

    Becky Luman

    Like an earthworm, Becky focuses on creating good soils in which our environmental community can thrive. Healthy Tweaks is part of that initiative; contact her if you want to be part of the leadership teams in Houston.
  • Carol Burton

    Like summer tomatoes, this team of educators can transform your schoolyard into a bountiful, diverse, outdoor learning space. In addition to farmers markets, they offer workshops and online gardening classes.
  • David MacLean

    If you’re looking to connect students with air quality data, look no further. Contact David about one of the most important issues in Houston.
  • Jaime Gonzalez, Houston Healthy Cities Program Director with The Nature Conservancy of Texas,

    Jaime Gonzalez

    He is like a Black-tailed Prairie dog, a keystone species in Texas. Contact Jaime for just about anything… Follow them on Facebook.
  • Lisa Gianukos & Amanda Brown, Children’s Environmental Literacy Foundation

    They’re like barn owls, with their wisdom of the system. They specialize in professional development for campuses or districts based on the Big Ideas of Sustainability and Project-Based Learning. Follow them @celfeducation and on Facebook.
  • Tammie Lang Campbell

    Like the champion Monarch butterfly, Tammie and Shar-day Campbell advocate for important community causes: civil rights, diversity appreciation and environmental stewardship.
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    Urban Harvest School Gardening Guide

    Free Digital Download of the Urban Harvest School Garden Guide for Educators and Families on easy to grow fruits and vegetables.
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