Meet the people working in the environmental education community of the Houston / Gulf Coast region.

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  • Adrienne Paquette & Ali Kuehn, Texas Wildlife Association

    They love telling the story of the Bobwhite Quail in Texas. Invite them to your classroom, participate in a professional development, visit their booth at the Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo, and use their online resources to teach about Texas wildlife.
  • Alicia Mein-Johnson, Environmental Education Specialist with the Citizens’ Environmental Coalition, Vice President of Texas Association for Environmental Education

    Alicia Mein-Johnson

    She is like an Orb Weaver spider, building the web of EE providers. Contact her for help connecting with anyone in the network, or for brainstorming about projects or science investigations.
  • Becky Luman, Healthy Tweaks

    Becky Luman

    Like an earthworm, Becky focuses on creating good soils in which our environmental community can thrive. Healthy Tweaks is part of that initiative; contact her if you want to be part of the leadership teams in Houston.
  • Carol Burton

    Like summer tomatoes, this team of educators can transform your schoolyard into a bountiful, diverse, outdoor learning space. In addition to farmers markets, they offer workshops and online gardening classes.
  • Celeste Silling

    Contact Celeste to get involved with S.P.L.A.Sh (Stopping Plastic Litter Along Shorelines), which includes lessons, beach clean up events, and more.
  • Christina Hartman and Ana Anita-Cherry

    Like the critters they bring to a classroom, they bring innovative and hands-on learning experiences to Houston youth. Contact them today to craft a program for your students.
  • Cindy Wilems

    She is like a Great Blue Heron with her knowledge of the bay. Contact her for help teaching about the bay, Trash Bash, Hip to Habitat programs and Bay Day. Follow on Facebook or @gbayfoundation.
  • Dan Reilly

    All things weather and climate! They can help find guest speakers & host field trips.
  • David MacLean

    If you’re looking to connect students with air quality data, look no further. Contact David about one of the most important issues in Houston.
  • Della Barbato

    She is like Sideoats grama grass, both gentle and kind. Contact her to schedule a trip to the Deer Park Prairie, facilitate a teacher workshop about prairies, to learn how to make seed balls or for help building a prairie on your campus.
  • Felice Yarbough & Nancy Brown

    They’re like Attwater’s prairie chickens, with their unique sense of style! They specialize in after school programming, Virtually Wild! Texas and can arrange a trip for you to any of the five wildlife refuges within an hour drive of Houston. Follow them on Facebook at @houstonwild.
  • Jaime Gonzalez, Houston Healthy Cities Program Director with The Nature Conservancy of Texas,

    Jaime Gonzalez

    He is like a Black-tailed Prairie dog, a keystone species in Texas. Contact Jaime for just about anything… Follow them on Facebook.
  • Janice Brown

    Like a ladybug, Janice knows how to build a garden! Contact her for workshops, 1:1 coaching and assistance in making your garden grow.
  • Jennifer Boley

    Like lightning bugs, she encourages people of all ages and backgrounds to get outdoors for better health, happiness, and life balance. NEO can facilitate a variety of off-campus field trips that are fun and educational, or on-campus events held outdoors or in the classroom that incorporate TEKS-correlated Project Wild curriculum.
  • Karen Bishop & Marya Fowler, National Wildlife Federation

    NWF is the United States host for the international Eco-Schools program which empowers students to engage in their environment by providing the opportunity to actively protect it through place-based and problem-based learning.
  • Kelly Drinnen

    Like the corals of the Gulf of Mexico, Kelly has a unique place in our region. She has millions of resources to help you teach about ocean stewardship and the Flower Garden Banks National Marine Sanctuary.